Today, there are several blogging platforms to suit various writing styles. It depends on whether one wants to do casual blogging or run a professional blog. I have tried including different publishing platforms with an intent to help every reader relate to my post. There are sites available for professional bloggers allowing to own their own domain name for the blog. Besides, there are certain blog sites which focus on other aspects, such as search engine optimization, Google analytics, online design tools and other software applications that make your blog look much better. I have covered each one of them offering the latest features.

You can also look upon one of our written post ‘How to write blogs from scratch‘ But, through this post, I am trying to emphasize one simple fact about blogging. A blog is all about good content, rest is secondary. If you are able to churn out engaging pieces of content then the publishing part can be taken care of easily.

Considering this viewpoint and long term benefits of starting a blog, I have listed down 10 best blogging platforms for 2015. The aim of this post is to let readers get familiar with the different types of publishing platforms and help them to choose the right one for their blogging career. Most importantly, I want to introduce individuals with a flair for writing to this wonderful field of blogging and inspire them to explore and experiment with it. Alright, let’s start.


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